ONE of the regular features which readers of this Yes DIY Hub really like is our occasional reports from Yes groups across the country.

We’d like to feature more such reports, but do keep them short and to the point. We particularly want examples of best practice or activities that are innovative.

Airdrie for Independence is the latest Yes group helping The National in our David v Goliath battle with the pro-Union Scottish media – that’s basically everybody bar ourselves and The Sunday National, but remember, David won.

We took the group up on its offer to distribute copies of The National and vouchers for The Sunday National today.

We asked Airdrie for Independence about their activities in 2018 and we got this report – a perfect example of the feedback we’re looking for from Yes groups.

Their report stated: “We’ve been fairly busy over the last year, hosting talks by the likes of Lesley Riddoch on our Nordic neighbours, Craig Dalzell on a Scottish currency and Bill Dale on Reframing.

“November 22 sees us host our next guest, Andrew Tickell (Sunday National columnist), who will be speaking on Scotland’s law and constitution.

“In addition to organising speakers we’ve been active in other areas. We have hosted regular street stalls where we have engaged directly with the public, canvassing opinion on independence and Brexit, as well as petitioning to have the new Monklands Hospital sited in the local area, and these have been fairly well received.

“We’ve delivered leaflets to homes across Airdrie, and we are continuing to try to create links with our fellow pro-independence groups in Lanarkshire.

“Our members have been present at every large independence march in the last 12 months – even the one in Berlin!

“They have been involved in helping to organise ‘The Gathering’ events, promoting the Indy App, as well as learning how to livestream. All in all we’re a dedicated, small but growing group, looking for new and enthusiastic people to join us.

“We fully realise that to gain independence we must appeal to people of all parties, and to convince them that the best environment to do that is in a Scotland where we control all the levers of power, not just a few. For that reason we try to stay out of local party politics, although we did petition to keep the Monklands Hospital in the local area, which is probably the main local political topic at the moment.

“We have a challenging time ahead, but we’re up for it and we’re looking forward to getting copies of The National to people who might not normally see it. “

We say good luck to them – and thanks for the help!